Friday, February 20, 2009

'Goals Gone Wild' ...beware the side effects; set wisely.

When setting your business goals, and specifically tying people to those same goals, things can ultimately end up going in the article from Wharton - link attached. Seems like if you just set a goal and get everyone to rally around it, then all is well. Not so. Badly set goals force people to ignore sound business practices in the pursuit of attaining the established goal.

The paper is full of cases in which goal setting had negative and sometimes disastrous consequences for a company.

Check out the article from Knowledge@Wharton - 'Goals Gone Wild': How Goal Setting Can Lead to Disaster. You may also want to download the research paper as it has a great checklist of questions at the end that will walk you through a good thought process.

People + Performance, to be effective, need to be aimed carefully and at 'legitimate' targets.

Monday, February 16, 2009

...our manifesto

We've been a looong time coming with this site and blog.... And why now? Why add ANOTHER blog to the forum of so many blogs in the world? Simply put, because I've searched, read and listened to so many leaders talk about how important 'people' are to companies and then do so little to understand or take action to make those same people as excellent and absolutely the best they can possibily be.

WHY is so little done to truly understand the link between people and performance? We come very close with books such as - 'Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't ' by
James C. Collins But ever read - ' Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game' by Michael M. Lewis ? Now combine them.

I'm talking about REAL people performance... I'm talking about 'cracking the DNA code' of people success! Nothing less. Linking the 'why' of people behavior with the 'why' in people performance - metrics, stat's, calls, speed. Finding out 'why' someone can be a terrible performer one minute and then spark an incredible flame that drives them to limitless lengths to achieve more, sell more or service clients in extraordinary ways. Why do some business managers, stocked with the best talent, not connect with their team? I've seen where you move that same manager to a different city and voila, they thrive! ....'why'? ....'why', indeed?

There is no greater advantage in today's company than the human worker. Even in bad times. People are the only ones to innovate a new strategy or suggest how to improve or implement a change to an existing process. People are the only ones who can both talk and listen to our customers and resolve issues that make them customers for life. People are the only ones who can form into teams and reach even higher goals than previously attained alone. Name a great company that has no people. Impossible.

So now is the time to begin exploring the link between people and performance. Now is the time to bring thoughts, discussion, ideas and stories which will 'crack the DNA' and begin to break down the reason 'why'. Now - indeed!

This is our manifesto. It is a looong time coming, but the revolution has begun...

Wednesday, February 04, 2009 you want to know what we do?

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