Friday, February 20, 2009

'Goals Gone Wild' ...beware the side effects; set wisely.

When setting your business goals, and specifically tying people to those same goals, things can ultimately end up going in the article from Wharton - link attached. Seems like if you just set a goal and get everyone to rally around it, then all is well. Not so. Badly set goals force people to ignore sound business practices in the pursuit of attaining the established goal.

The paper is full of cases in which goal setting had negative and sometimes disastrous consequences for a company.

Check out the article from Knowledge@Wharton - 'Goals Gone Wild': How Goal Setting Can Lead to Disaster. You may also want to download the research paper as it has a great checklist of questions at the end that will walk you through a good thought process.

People + Performance, to be effective, need to be aimed carefully and at 'legitimate' targets.


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