Monday, March 02, 2009

Confusing 'showing up' with 'winning'

We talk about linking people to performance - right? We talk about what makes someone spectacular in their role or job. Breaking down the essence of success, so to speak. Have we ever asked ourselves a really simple question? -- how many people in my company are just 'showing up' and going through the motions of work?

Today's economic climate makes everyone appreciate what they have, especially employment. But we also look at some scary statistics (thank you Gallup Organization) that says 29% of workers are really engaged, 54% are not engaged and 17% are actively disengaged (*checked out). So if the stat's are even a tad rusty by a couple points, the fact is that we're working with 2/3rds of our co-workers who are just 'showing up'.

What to do. Let me ask a question - do we really listen to what our people think? Not some softy-cushioned group hug stuff, but using REAL tools to probe, find and fix where people are dis-engaged? may have heard "people quit their manager before they quit their job" If you hear this from your people, doesn't it make sense to take some action with that manager? Obvious? Maybe.... Are you sure? (as us for some ideas on this).

Ask tough questions. Listen. And the biggest thing to remember is when you ask a question, you'd better have the answer ready to implement. Nothing fails people and hurts morale more than pretending to listen and not following through with real change.

Winning is about overcoming resistance. Think about anything worthwhile. I'm a runner and if I don't put in the time and break through that comfort zone, there is no chance at improvement. Don't just 'show up' - listen and keep score too.


At 4:39 PM , Blogger Ryan said...

Good to see you blogging, Jim! I look forward to some good stuff.


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