Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Skills or Competencies...

What's the difference? Skills are something that can be taught. Just go back to memories of school. Perfect, your there. They are also techniques - things like in selling situations, questioning techniques, Solution Selling's 9-box technique or Sandler Sales Training (favorite actually) of 'sinking the hook'. These are all great because they can take an individual to new and better heights in personal performance. Training is good but its really step #2 behind:


These are the things we excel at 'internally' as people. Stuff you can't immediately train to if at all. They are things which take either a long time to master or are simply an innate ability which comes easily. Examples would be the natural ability to lead, huge patience in a customer service role, or the desire and determination to prospect for business. These are things, which are made up of individual behaviors and traits that enable someone to be able to do it or not. Subtle difference - big difference.

When you are looking to see if your people have the right skills to perform amazingly....ask yourself if you're not thinking about competencies instead. The difference in your answer will determine which questions or tools you'll want to use to find out. Confused? to answer your question!


At 3:33 PM , Blogger GBermudez said...

But competencies are learned techniques. Skills are the level of knowledge of a person performing those techniques. What makes a person competent is the level that he/she demonstrates in the performance of the skill.
The different is that a competent person makes him/her immediately ready to perform and a skill person needs to be test.


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