Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The 7 Biggest People Mistakes - #1: Not Defining What Makes Your 'A' Players Different From Everyone Else

Can you list your 'best' people's:
  • behaviors & traits
  • competencies for their role
  • educational level
  • skill sets or rankings
  • work history or common background indicators
  • regional variances or differences
  • hobbies & outside activities
  • particular majors or trade colleges
  • pre-employment checks
  • scores from reference checks
  • for employees - pay range, years in the company, performance appraisal scores, perceptions and attitudes of the company or management
Are we being too picky? If you spent between $150,000 to $500,000 dollars or more on a car - wouldn't you want to know you've got the best wheels on the road? If turnover is 3x salary, without other factors, each person in your company is that valuable to you.

Make your investment the absolute 'Best' it can be - you and your people will be better for it!