Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The 7 Biggest People Mistakes - #6: Connecting The Dot's of Your People's Performance

By now you might know we're fans of using a bunch of ideas and tools to verify the 'best' attributes found in people; either a candidate for a position or possibly a person you're looking to promote. But after you've used these tools or ideas, do you stop? I mean do you use any other tools or metrics to assess or ensure your maximizing your people and their performance?

This is a great opportunity to 'connect the dots' of your people's performance and truly understand what makes success happen. It takes a little bit of calculating, but this is the stuff of legends when it comes to making you look great to your boss. Its an analytical world. ROI is king.

Ok, specifics. First, if you have used a good profile assessment tool, you have specific scores in specific traits and competencies. I hope this is what you use to hire or promote your people. If not, this might be tough from here on out. Next you have to look at and capture the specific metrics of what defines success in that role.... For a sales person, how many appointments/meetings, presentations and closes do the 'A-Players' make on your team? How many does the 'C-Player' make? For another position, it might be customer satisfaction scores. Find a metric. Be very specific. If your not doing THIS part, then we REALLY need to talk. You need to have metrics and keep score. Once you have all this data, you start to look for trends in this information. What behaviors drive higher scores? What behaviors drive more sales?

This suggestion may seem pretty simple on the surface but is tough to execute. You can however do this in Microsoft Excel of all things. It helps to have a great knowledge of this program or access to someone who does, but you can connect the dots of what makes your best people different from everyone else by correlating behaviors to performance. You can also look at why certain people leave the company or why your workers compensation claims are high. Any metric you might have will probably be found in the DNA of your people. Connecting the dots of information is essential to making your people and company great!


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